Our Home: Backyard Oasis #backyardoasis
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Our Home: Backyard Oasis #backyardoasis

Our Home: Backyard Oasis - Kuzak's Closet-outdoor laundry

Thank you for all of your questions and kind comments on our home remodel process! Today’s post is the final post detailing what we’ve done with our Los Altos fixer upper and I’d like to think that I’ve saved the best for last. When we made the decision not to add additional square feet to our home we knew we could make up for it by adding square footage to our exterior spaces. Our goals were to spruce up the exterior laundry room, add a deck that would double as an additional living room, find room for our hot tub, and give Harper a low-maintenance grassy area that could double as a practice area for chipping and putting. It’s still hard to believe that we originally started with this… And were able to transform it into this… Crazy right? Well, our favorite vendors from ELS Home Builders and Sierra Lumber …


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